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Let's get this up off the ground!

Welcome! Welcome, one and all!

Let me tell you a little bit about this community, what it stands for and what I'm hoping to accomplish with it.

I'm a tabletop RPG fan, myself. Can't get enough of the stuff. Once I finally got the chance to try it out, I was absolutely thrilled to discover how much of a culture there is for this kind of game, and I didn't ever want to go back. I've played card games and boardgames too, and I've gotten to try a fair number of RPG systems so far. I don't know much about wargaming, but the whole point of this community, in my eyes, is to try to encourage an online community for tabletop of all ilks, even the kind I might not have a personal, vested interest in.

More or less, I wanted to try getting a community going to talk about the systems out there that I know of, encourage people to talk about the systems they're using, the games they're running, or playing, or making, and be a resource for people who might just be getting started, or want a fresh perspective on the hobby of their choice. So, what you can expect to see here are:

-Product Reviews (published RPGs, board games, etc, and a review of that product)
-Projects (in-progress games or projects to create new games that people are working on and might need help with)
-Contests and Holiday Exchanges (to encourage the creation of new games, new campaign settings, new miniatures, and to reward those ideas and share them with the whole community!)
-Calls for Players (for both online and in-person games, made by community members preparing new games and new ideas)
-News (on upcoming products that might excite us gamerfolk-- the latest edition of Shadowrun, or the newest series of M:tG cards)

Posts will always be organized in an effort to make it as easy to follow the hobbies you're actually interested in (and not hobbies that might bore you) as possible. To this end, posters are required to format their subject lines to include the relevant keywords to help make it clear what they're talking about, and encouraged to use the tag system to make searching through the community easier in the future!

Rules of conduct are very simple:

1. Treat all community members with respect; if something is not your bag, simply avoid commenting on that entry.
2. If someone is starting trouble instead of discussion, please notify the mod(s), and refrain from responding to the person who you feel is being inflammatory.
3. Posts to the community will be moderated to ensure that inflammatory reviews do not go up and start us off with trouble. Remember, all hobbies are pursued in the interest of having fun! It's not necessary to put down someone else's hobby in order to establish the validity of your own: all hobbies are considered equal and equally fun here.

The community's 'rating' is currently set to the equivalent of family-friendly, but that can be raised if our posts tend to include content that is not suitable for kids. Please contact the mods if, on perusing the community, you feel that the warning level should be changed so we can take that into consideration.

Again, welcome, and I hope you'll be able to find all kinds of fun and excitement here!


If you have any suggestions for upcoming projects or improvements to the community, please comment with them here!

Some things I could really use suggestions for:
-additional tags to represent games and game systems currently not represented
-products to review (or if you have a product review all handy, you can also become a member and submit your own product review as well!)


Please post any questions you may have to this entry as a comment. Comments will be responded to with an answer, but FAQ entry will also be updated to reflect questions and their answers.