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Plans to make D&D 5th edition have been officially announced as of yesterday, alongside a potential offering to work with the D&D community.

Read about WotC's stance here: NY Times: "Dungeons & Dragons Remake Uses Players' Input"

And read Mike Mearls' thoughts here: Charting the Course for D&D

Second link also provides access to sign up for playtesting and be a part of the current creative process for D&D 5th edition.

As it stands, Wizards of the Coast appears to be offering only part of the olive branch to the tabletop community. They have a definitive interest in improving the sales of their product, but it is difficult to tell how sincere is their desire to make an improved and enjoyable game.

Bloggers have expressed mistrust of the gesture and numerous voices for older editions of the game have already cast their vote as uninterested in partaking in the venture. Initial information from WotC suggests that playtesting the game blind may be the extent of what they want in terms of fan input, which might not be enough.

Some responses to the announcement:

Jeff Rients: Open Letter to WotC - Calling for WotC to prove their sincerity by making the .pdfs of elder editions available again, in order to encourage their playtesters to be well-informed.

GeekDad: 5th Edition D&D is in development-- should we care? - Hoping for a system that will actually work with the playtesters and stand a chance of uniting the D&D community instead of further fragmenting it.

It appears that the recently re-hired Monte Cook and Mike Mearls may be heavily involved with the creation of this product.

(Any other sources or input that can be linked will be added to this post as an update!)


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